Effects of winter activity on the course

Recreational activities of individuals during the winter months (such as cross-country skiing, hiking, and sledding), while enjoyable and healthy for humans, can be detrimental to turfgrass.

If the activity takes place upon bare and frozen turf, while in it’s dormant state, wear damage has no chance to recover until the next growing season.  If the activity takes place upon bare turf, with the surface thawed and the sub-surface frozen, root mass may be sheared off by any sideways motion- severely damaging or possibly killing the turf.

Activity that occurs upon snow covered turf causes the snow to; become compacted, lose most or all of it’s insulating properties, and be prone to ice creation in the compacted area.  If the ice is solid and persists long enough it will lead to turf suffocation and partial or complete death of the turf.

Our goal is to provide our guests with excellent turf conditions throughout the playing season- starting with the spring thaw.  Unnecessary winter activity could jeopardize spring and early summer conditions and cause significant outlays of labor and materials to re-establish damaged turfgrasses.

For these reasons we do not allow any unauthorized access to the course during the winter months and have “No Trespassing” signs posted around the perimeter.  While we apologize for any inconvenience we do appreciate everyone’s cooperation in keeping off from the turfgrass.

~Jim Hall, Course Superintendent

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