Ice Storm

Here are some photos from the ice storm that occurred on April 10th 2013.  As you can see all the trees are covered with ice and Sawyer Creek is well outside of it’s banks.

While being quite picturesque this storm brought a lot of precipitation that was not helpful to the start of the 2013 golf season.  Recent temperatures reaching into the mid 40’s allowed the snow accumulation to melt at a steady pace and mostly soak into the turf- eliminating the frost beneath the surface.  However, the added showers of this past week to the snow melt has left the ground over-saturated and led to standing water and flooding of the creeks.  The weight of the ice storm combined with steady winds also caused many tree limbs to break which will require pruning and removal once the ground firms enough to allow the maintenance crew access to the course.

Hopefully the weather will turn more cooperative and we can all get out and start swinging off the winter rust before long!

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